The opening of the channel tunnel, making travel faster and easier is a revelation. But now, France is not at the forefront of our minds when booking a holiday. It’s cheap to travel by air so we can book anywhere in Europe, or even go to distant places, with destinations such as Australia and New Zealand getting very popular.

This year, the French tourist council has decided that it is time we take the time to go back and start thinking about France first when booking a holiday abroad. With the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire this July, the sports fans among us must have had France at the forefront of our minds. Many people will even follow the Tour across the channel, having watched early in Yorkshire. The French tourist board is looking to expand on this, aiming to get more of us to get across the channel this summer. They launched an advertising campaign with the strapline “What’s Your Tour de France?” Showcases the main theme of a French holiday.

The proposed theme is outdoors, enjoying food and drink, exercising and activities, going around the city and exploring culture and history. Ads will show people the different experiences on their holiday to France, from tasting to sunbathing to visiting iconic art galleries. The goal is to show that this country really has something to offer to everyone, and going abroad on vacation karimunjawa tour murah does not have to involve long-haul flights or exotic destinations. Many large companies will be involved in the campaign, which should result in some good opportunities to get cheap rates on flights, accommodations and tourist attractions visited.

If you’re not sure whether a holiday to France is for you, a better way to dip your foot into the water than to try a week in the South of France? An apartment in a village like Ille-sur-Tet will allow you to experience rural life, without being too far from the vibrant city of Perpignan. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful Languedoc sunshine while exploring stunning scenery and nearby attractions. Many holiday apartments in this area are owned by British people, who love their holiday to the area so they decide to stay. They will be happy to let you know about the most interesting things to do in this area. And of course, the cuisine and wine in the South of France is second to none.