Water Benefits For Everyday Life.  Water is the most important compound for the life of the universe, especially human. Water provides a range of benefits for human survival. Benefits of water for human daily life is felt directly or indirectly. Directly himself he needs water to meet the needs of water in the body as well as meet other needs such as washing clothes. Benefits of water is also required indirectly for humans is through animals and plants. Animals and plants are the two living creatures other than humans in this world that is needed by humans. In the absence of both of these creatures, the human being can not live for all living creatures form a food chain system where if one does not exist then the others could not live. Without a human growth would not be able to breathe, without animals human food sources disappear. Plants or animals will not be able to grow. Animals without plants would not be alive. While plants and animals also need water in his life. Water is the most important compound for the survival of the universe.


Seen the importance of water for the universe in which humans live. apart from the food chain of living beings that make interdependent, as has been alluded to in the beginning of the human itself has a variety of needs for water for himself directly. Next we will discuss the use of water by humans. Of course the discussion about the need for water by humans will not be discussed in this article because of all the water needs of humans is infinite. But at least we need to remember some of our need to make our water more wisely use water and keep the water quality there should be.

Benefits of water for daily life of the first man is to meet the needs of the body is through drinking water. Human water needs of an average of 65% of the total weight. Even many people who need more water than this figure for her. All organs of the body work needs water as the kidneys, brain, bone, muscle, blood, and others. Humans can only survive without water consumed altogether about 3-5 days.


Then the other needs is to wash. Human wash his various supplies including clothing, tableware, food ingredients. Even for things like washing the vehicle, mopping the house, and so on. The various needs of the seemingly trivial but in fact that human needs. The need for a shower. Maybe humans can endure a shower of 1-2 days but the rest will human discomfort. These feelings can make people uneasy and disturbing psychological not? benefits of water for daily life here after is for industrial, power generation, agriculture, shipping. Without water, the universe can not walk, especially for humans.