Tarragona – where?

Have you ever tried booking a private holiday apartment rental or vacation villa rental in Spain directly for your annual vacation? There are many self-catering property options available throughout Spain but today I saw the city of Tarragona located on the Mediterranean coast, sixty miles south west of Barcelona, in the Catalonia region. Self-catering holiday rentals or apartments in Tarragona booked directly with private owners can be a relatively inexpensive place to stay while visiting Catalonia.


The modern Tarragona has a population of about 120,000 and is the provincial capital of the same name. Tarragona is a popular weekend break destination for many Europeans but it is also a good place to stay for longer holidays due to the variety of sights, beaches, leisure activities and vacation karimunjawa tour apartment rentals and vacation villa rentals available in Spain. The climate in Tarragona welcomes the whole year with temperatures as high as 28 degrees Celsius during the summer months and an average temperature of 7-10 degrees Celsius during the winter.

Tourist attraction

There are many sights for visitors who book vacation rental rentals or villa holiday rentals in Tarragona. Historical fans will be interested to know that in 2000, the city of Tarragona was designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO because the wealth of archaeological heritage comes from the Roman era. Consider the Roman amphitheater Tarragona built in the 2nd century. Other interesting places to visit to learn more about the history of Tarragona are the Tarragona Port area and the harbor museum. The museum explores Tarragona’s close ties with the sea through its maritime heritage, trade and fisheries.


For visitors who book holiday rentals in Tarragona and who prefer to shop for culture, the best Tarragona shop can be found around the beautiful Rambla Nova. There are several exciting shops including a unique boutique clothing store, a jewelry store, an accessory shop and many excellent shoe stores. The main market of Tarragona, Mercat Central, can be found off the Rambla Nova in the 1915 Modernist building designed by Joseph Pujol. If you book an independent holiday apartment rental or a Spanish holiday villa rental, you will be interested to know that the opening hours for the mall here from 10 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday are closed on Sundays.

Eating Out and Tarragona Cuisine

You will not be disappointed with the choice of Tarragona restaurant if you book a self-service holiday rental. The Tapas Bar is abundant in the area of Rambla Nova, as well as the attractive Placa de la Font, where you will find many cafes and restaurants. You can also find some interesting seafood bars and restaurants in the Port area near the marina. The seafood is excellent here, especially the seafood paella. Cassola de Romesco is a special dish of Tarragona and is basically a casserole with tomato peanut sauce. Tarragona is also known for its delicious wine. Remember that Spaniards eat very late nights, often around 9 pm or so.