For those who are not accustomed to using a toilet seat but had no other options, such as overseas where more in the form of a toilet seat, while the actual self was disgusted to use especially in public toilet hygiene is sometimes not as expected; or maybe it did not provide sedot wc bekasi water wc while you are not accustomed to wipe without water, then here are some tips that may be applied which may be healthier and also safe to use.


What is clear is my first suggestion is not to squat on the toilet seat with feet on parts that should be used to sit because it is very dangerous. If to do so, then you are at risk for falls with the consequences of fractures or sprains are sometimes accompanied by a pinched nerve effects later in life, or also been incidents in which the feet up to be stuck into the holes without lavatories could be issued.

The following tips are safe and also be healthier in the use of the toilet seat in public lavatories:

  • Prepare a bottle of water before you enter a public restroom might be useful if in public lavatories are not provided a water spray as you need them. You can inspect tollet first and if needed water, fill your water bottle in the water faucets are always available in public lavatories.
  • Prepare the tissue if necessary. But most public lavatories especially abroad always provide tissue, either in each room toilet, or perhaps separate themselves on the outside.
  • If there are several options toilet seat, then certainly choose the most clean among the existing toilet seat. Surely you are uncomfortable and do not want to use a dirty toilet seat because the former urination or other impurities.
  • Siramlah with toilet water section that would be used to sit until it is clean so that you are comfortable using. Attention: on some overseas toilet toilet was made dry by reasons of hygiene, then you should have a sense of caring to keep it at a minimum reduce the water that falls to the floor.
  • Drain and wipe with tissue sections was the toilet seat that you flush it with water before until you are confident and comfortable to sit on.
  • Remove tissue used to wipe it in the bin provided or disposed of in a toilet. Take the new tissue, then cut a little long and could make it as a base for your seat will be. You can use several layers of tissue.
  • Sit down with a repose tissue in the toilet seat. Sit properly during use, and remember back flush the toilet after use so do not let you leave ‘scars’ because no beautiful and because we need to keep clean.
  • If that condition is very severe cleanliness of toilets and you no choice, then you can use the toilet while standing with a slight bow. Remember, do not let you squat to set foot into the part that should be used for the board seat because it is very dangerous.
  • If there is no water while you are not accustomed to wipe without water, then you can use a bottle filled with water prior to cebok. Alternatively: use a tissue that exists, where you can wet it with water in the toilet then used to wipe, do repeatedly until you are sure. Then use a dry tissue to wipe afterwards.
  • Remove all tissue used either to wipe or to cushion into the trash or into the toilet.
  • Wash your hands before leaving the toilet / wc common.

Thus tips “healthy” from me, hopefully for those of you who are not accustomed to using a toilet seat in a public place can feel comfortable, safe, and peaceful use, and for those who are not accustomed to wipe with tissue because there was no water can also utilize tips granted.