tips for using your hatThe cold and, with the fall, also returns more useful accessory of the season: the panama hat. After decades out of our closet again with force.


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The cold and, with the fall, also returns more useful accessory of the season: the hat. A plug-in which, after decades out of our daily wardrobe, in recent years has recovered positions. And blame it on them, the celebrities, who have turned it into the accessory Winter Star. Them, one fall, have targeted the trend, dare with them? Just in case, we reveal their rules.


To start… Choose well your hat, the last of the last, was carrying a borsalino. This year, fedora hats are (in reality, the borsalino – a classic Italian millinery, woven with toquilla palm and slightly wider wing. Its origin is clearly male, but in recent years they have cast, and raze, in the female wardrobe say, that hat can charm you, but you have to keep in mind what you will wear. And this does not mean, necessarily, that you coordines colors. You can choose it in the same tone, in the same range, or in colors that are complementary and fit well together. What you mean is, for example, an extremely feminine look (for example, a dress of flowers with a pair of shoes salon) does not combine well with a fedora, borsalino, Havana or diamond which, after all, is not an accessory of male origin. In fact, the hats pants love.


Size matters. You must respect the proportions. So, first of all, is well known. If you are a ‘small’ woman, what in stores now call ‘petite’, you should not wear a hat too large, with much wing or very high. Opt for a more limited version. And, on the contrary, if you are a large or very high, hat must be provided to your figure, otherwise it would be a bit ridiculous.


Question of size. Make sure that it fits your head. A hat too big or too small is as uncomfortable as a shoe that is not of your number. So it should fit loosely, and if you feel some pressure at the temples or dropped with any slight movement, is clear that it is not your size…
How it does? The hat should be slightly tilted and adjusted with respect to the line of the eyebrows, and never tilted back towards the nape of the neck, finally, take it safely, because there is one thing that you have to be very clear: If you have questions, you will notice


The Hat also possesses this ability, the transmit a message.


A hat can tell many things of the person, remember that body language is 97% of our communication


Hats speak is something that we know to perfection. Using them is a declaration of intentions, it can be a complement to our dress, an element of protection, or perhaps, to convey some message, no need to shout it, quickly be transmitted to other people that surround us.


The panama hat is hallmark of good clothing. Each day there are more people currently need it because our activities are outdoors, and also use it for occasions of weekend.


We can say that the way to do it or the occasion where wear it, are also clear messages. We can now announce that we‘re going to the beach, come snow, or are about to enter an important social Act.


Head position can also denote part of our personality.




Draught over the eyes, symptoms of suspicion and intrigue; It is located in the back of head, carefree and relaxing.




Each hat a message.


And finally, the color of the Hat also may communicate, for example, our State of mind.


Vivid colors, black, gray, and happy moments for more calm feelings, a code that shares with the rest of the clothes that we use for.




That hats speak, jual sepatu converse ct  clearly, and in many traditions and cultures is an element used to convey status, ranking and even level of knowledge.




In addition: some rules written no. We must wear a hat with education this also speaks of us.


Hat never removes a person without their consent


It should never be left on a Chair, a table or a bed.


Never on the floor


To put it on a flat surface, the Cup must be down and mouth upward.


Remove grasping the Cup or a wing laterally.


Every home should provide a space for a clothes rack


Never pry the alien Hat without your consent


Never put it on the face or mouth in the presence of other people.