Many gamers who need to know how to choose the right gaming mouse. Mouse for gaming high quality and appropriate to improve Prominent and comfort of the user when playing the game. But you could say that a lot of gamers who still use a regular mouse to play games. So do not be surprised if while playing the game sometimes is less convenient. Factors speed and accuracy of the target object is also decisive victory target while playing the game.

Choosing Gaming Mouse



Gaming mouse that has a good quality can improve performance and comfort someone during game play. Before choosing or buying a mouse for gaming, the person must establish beforehand what features are required. Usually every gamer has different preferences regarding favorite gaming mouse features according to the display, brand, or function. For example, there are gamers who enjoy gaming mouse with a glossy display, while the other players are very concerned that have well-known brands.

Some of the things below to note the gamers  before choosing the right gaming mouse for gaming.

Note Shape and Size Mouse

Both of these are very important to note. The size and shape of the mouse is selected from the condition itself. Mouse should have a size that fit the user’s hands, to avoid difficulties when using. Mouse right hand when the user will easily improve reflexes and accuracy. Shapes and sizes that fit will affect the comfort when using the mouse. Do not choose a mouse that has a nice shape and unique, but not comfortable use.

Note Resolution Mouse

Resolution or DPI ( Dots Per Inch) in the mouse is also noteworthy because it determines the agility of movement. Resolution is the point of the mouse’s ability to read the field of motion on the reflection of light that will be read by the optical. The greater the resolution, the speed of the mouse pointer to be moved is also getting bigger. To play the game, select a mouse that has a resolution appropriate to the program that will be run by the user. Best mouse for gamers typically have resolutions of 800 dpi (dots per inch) up to 1200 dpi so that the maximum of its work.

Mouse Equipped with Lights  Indicator

When choosing a mouse, you should select gaming mouse is equipped with indicator lights twinkling light. This is so that when playing games in the dark, the lamp can be a torch. So users will get easier as mengedalikan mouse.

Select Optical Mouse Compatible

Optical or laser used to read the movement of the mouse. It’s right under the mouse. There are two current mouse technology, the Dual Optical Sensor and Laser Optical . Dual Optical Sensor has two Optical Light fired surface mouse pads ( mouse pad ) to improve reading mouse that produces more accurate cursor movement. Then technology Laser Optical can work in almost all smooth surfaces and glass. Should select optical mouse that fits the needs of your game.

All three of the above need to be considered when choosing a gaming mouse. But besides the things above, there is also a need to be considered such as brand and price.