The Built-In Flash, The Number One Enemy

The built-in flash: praised and sought after by those who approach for the first time the cameras (compact lens reflex), hated by those who have tried at least once! Let’s now clear and we assume that the built-in flash is the worst thing you can use to illuminate a subject.

The main problem with this stylistically interesting accessory (let’s face it: the flash extinguishments is very nice from the stylistic point of view) is its location to the objective: it is too close The limited distance between the lens and flash creates many problems for captured images, making some cases completely unwatchable, especially if the main subject is a person.

Put simply, the fact that the camera manufacturers to install a pop-up flash on their products does not mean you should use them. If the compact, of course, the situation is different for the compact nature of the same (they are the point and shot, or machines with total automation). But for all the cameras, the bridge to the SLR, which are purchased to make a better photograph, are of the opinion that the built-in flash can also be omitted. Of course, some say that, in an emergency, even the small accessory can be useful … but I remain of the opinion that it is better not made a picture of a very ugly picture!
The defects of the built-in flash

Let us now see in detail because the integrated flash is not an accessory that should be employed.

is small. The size of the light source is very important in photography: the more a source is small the more the light will be tough and therefore more difficult to use.
It is underpowered. You can use it at a very short distance (up to 4 meters) which means it can not illuminate the background
It is close to the lens. Light fired by the flash, a front light, bouncing on the photographed subject towards your goal, exacerbating the clear dark, creating red eye, highlighting the imperfections of the subject in front of you, is pulling the colors.
It is not adjustable. The above problem could be solved by steering it in a different direction in order to avoid the rebound of light into the lens, that sin is not a feasible practice being the built-in flash drive. Anyway, given the lack of power, orient it would make the same pointless.

The problems arising from the use of a pop-up flash (or integrated) are multiple and especially our pictures will suffer from flattening (being the front light), color rendering poor (the proximity of the flash), background underexposed (the little power the built-in flash), the very harsh shadows.