1. Maintain strong bones and teeth

Efficacy first oxtail soup that can assist you in maintaining strong bones and teeth. The content contained in these foods have a phosphorus compound that may help for the growth and maintenance of the bones and teeth. Where phosphorus and calcium has an important role to make your bones strong, if you are deficient in these compounds in the body, it is very dangerous to cause bone loss or are known by osteoporosis.

2. Maintain digestive health

The oxtail soup has an important role to help the digestive process to be smooth and effective work. Then, the content of which is in these foods will stimulate digestion riboflavin and niacin for the better. So that absorption can be maximized and work well. Exceed the absorption of minerals and other vitamins, food serves to overcome digestive disorders such as diarrhea, constipation and helps your body to have regular bowel flower.

3. Maintaining brain health

Existing content in phosphorus compounds have the oxtail soup that serves for keep your brain in good standing, to cognitive growth and development of the brain. The penelita provide results that phosphorus deficiency will cause enhancement risk of cognitive impairment, as well as other issues such as the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia problems. Therefore, keep your brain by eating this food, because the brain is an organ that is very important.

4. The formation of protein

Oxtail soup can serve as protein facilitates the normal way, so that cell growth can be run well. Then in existing content in these foods needed by the body to help the synthesis of proteins necessary for the body and also helps to build tissue repair damaged tissue as well as assist in the process of reproduction. Besides, we can also help the body to be able to utilize both carbohydrates and fat. in the age of growth, especially for children who are still small, in desperate need of substances present in these foods is enough to grow.

5. override fatigue and muscle weakness

For those of you if you have problems of sexual weakness can also be overcome with a healthy supplement of this oxtail soup into your body. So some problems such as loss of impotence, libido and motility can be overcome with sufficient superma existing content in these foods such as phosphorus. Other than that the food is beneficial to prevent and tackle problems such as muscle weakness, numbness, fatigue and many others. With the existing content in these foods are helpful in the body sufficient to keep the body fit and active.

6. Improve the body’s cells

One benefit important for oxtail soup to improve the body’s cells are damaged, so that the body’s cells will grow well and healthy. In addition to the existing content in these foods will maximize the function of body cells.

7. Assisting kidney function

Compounds that exist in this snack has an important role in maintaining the health of your kidneys, through the process of urination.