There are not many superheroes that exist in the world of comics, but enough so that we fall before each of them. We love them! Today, we put one of our Marvelous Woman costumes to write this post in her honor. Wonder Woman is the superheroine par excellence of comics in the DC Universe, whose first appearance dates back to 1941. This leads to becoming one of the first in exploration and the most famous in this world.

What are the powers of Wonder Woman?


Between its ribs is the flight and has a force comparable to that of Superman. The other superheroes consider her a goddess, and she is beautiful, does not grow old and possesses the gift of immortality. Ah, it is nothing. In addition, it has the multitude of arms, like the necktie of truth (it is indestructible, it forces, to tell the truth and it causes that the suffering loses the memory).

The use of his tiara as a boomerang and reflective and unbreakable bracelets serve to dodge bullets and lightning. He is strong and agile. You can do everything and everyone

Of course, he also has weaknesses, specifically two: if his own tie attacks him, he loses his powers and the men who join his bracelets leave him totally immobilized as if they were wrapped.

Wonder Woman in the Justice League


Wonder Woman is a member of the Justice League and in some comics is its most powerful component and its leader, especially since Superman dies and until he comes back again. On the shelf, a little lost with this boom of superhero lint that is living the last few years, Justice League is a group of superheroes that appeared in the comics of the DC Universe in the year 1960. Its members have varied with El Years Passage, although the original and most famous lineup consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Detective.

This superhero is ranked 20th as the best comic book character in the magazine Empire, is among the six best superheroes according to the list of the 100 most attractive women in Comics Comics Guide and in 2011 was the fifth place among the classification performed By IGN of The “100 best comic book heroes of all time”.

Wonder Woman Final Movie Trailer

Although we saw last year in “Batman v Superman, the dawn of justice”, there is nothing left to reach the monographic film about this character. In it, we will know closely its history and its origins, with images of its childhood. We will see how Princess Diana of Themyscira adopts her Diana Prince identity to save the world.
The actress who gives life to a heroine is Gal Gadot, who along with Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright from the cast of Wonder Woman. A few days ago has released the end of the film, where you have been able to see new scenes that have not been left with this face of hallucination … The less remains for the premiere, the more we have to see it!

Wonder Woman Costumes


Girls fairy tales have to see the new movie of our favorite heroine who, like the advertisers at the beginning of the publication, could not help putting on one of our wonder woman costumes. Do you want to know a little more about the dress of our protagonist?

This Amazonian warrior princess has modified her performance through the years, although in practically all her appearances, in comics as in cartoons or movies, she has kept the armor, bracelets, and tiara, as well as her Star symbols

Today we are going to teach you the Wonder Woman costumes so great they have and with those who make you an incredible superheroine that will save the world and end all the bad ones. Maybe you can not get all your superpowers, but we guarantee fun.

We start with this attractive Wonder Woman costume made of a miniskirt with white stars and a red corset with its golden color. It is a disguise similar to the origins of this character. The suit is completed with a belt, a red cape, his tiara and his powerful bracelets.

If you like anime and cosplay world you can not go through this amazing wonder woman costume. It includes a red color with gold details, a crown with a red star, a mini-pants with two blue shades of white stars and a red bag with its gold bond of truth. The armor is made up of a shoulder guard with arm straps, powerful braceros, leg guards and boot covers.

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