Stylish tip by using the CAPIf you have a Panama Hat, but you don’t know how combining it and use it in everyday situations have come to the right place and then you know some tips with which combine your Panama hats with style will be very easy.


Key item that goes with the style of the Panama hats


When we use a Panama Hat we do not only by the style and good looks of this accessory. In reality they are used in situations where it‘s quite hot and we need to protect our head, face, and hair from the Sun.


Whereas this environment which is ideal to use these hats (either in the field or on the beach for example) a garment that is ideal to combine this accessory with style are the Guayaberas, linen shirts.


Both the Guayaberas and linen shirts are items that can be found with different variations, being one more simple than others or for example presented design differences more evident as sleeve short or long sleeve. You can also find garments of this type which differ by details that make up on them such as the ornate buttons, the amount of pockets or embroideries.


Clearly choosing a Guayabera or shirt to match style your Panama hats you will have to take into account your taste and also your personality. jual sepatu converse pendek If you’re a more classical person ideally would be a garment without many frills and be longsleeved. On the other hand if you like details and you want to be cool and casual short sleeve shirts will be chosen.


Both the garment and the hat chosen have to go with your personality so so the look is perfect.




Now that you’ve met the Allied garment of the Panama Hat is the moment that you know some great tips to achieve a perfect outfit that you can use on any occasion.


Tips to look stylish your Panama hats


To wear formal: you can look elegant using Guayabera or shirt linen and a hat Panama of the classical line, as Fedora Casico, Havana diamond, classic Havana or Borsalino, white with black tape or coffee. Therefore in this case is essential that you choose a garment sleeve. Always keep in mind that if you feel much heat this garment allows you to roll up her sleeves to be more fresh. To do this you have to be very careful, properly folding the sleeve so that you have a good appearance. It is also necessary to clarify that only should sleeves shirt when the formal part of the event that you attend is completed.




Use or not use SAC: is essential to clarify that when the guayabera is not required other garments on it, such as ties or bags. Actually the heat of the environment makes that we can do without them, if you use linen shirt can use a bag of linen which will take a very cool style and your Panama Hat will be the perfect complement.
And choose what pants: ideal to combine with the hat and the Guayabera clearly the lower garment is a linen pants. If this piece is not your taste you can choose a cotton pants but that is lightweight and formal. Now if the event is casual use of linen or cotton shorts.
And shoes: in the case of formal events to attend, it is essential to wear closed shoes, also mean. If informal can be shoes Californian style.
And what colors to choose: If you choose a white guayabera beige Pant is perfect. If on the other hand you choose it blue you can use pants Navy blue color. In the case of bone pants can be brown or gray middle.
Formally, you can use with jacket and pants, it gives you a very elegant and fine touch.