1. As a Free Impact Training

Sports pool running is very popular in the eyes of athletes runners. Because even if they are injured or injured, they still maintain their fitness by doing pool running sport. This sport is done in a swimming pool and is very good for you who are injured.

For running pool sport runners have the main benefit of being able to maintain their running performance levels. A study shows that doing this sport, can keep your running fitness performance up to 90%. So for injured runners to be expected to recover, they will still be able to run with a 90% performance time after they recover by doing pool running exercises instead of training on the ground during recovery.

For those of you who are Non-runners, this non-impact exercise is excellent for you in overcoming years of joint wear used to withstand hits from running, sports or other activities that use a lot of legs.

2. Water Sports Without Fuss

For those of you who are not smart swimming or smart but not too enjoy while doing it. By doing a pool running exercise, you can enjoy the same benefits while doing a swimming exercise that has less unpleasant aspects.

The tools you use when doing this sport just use a water jogging belt only. By using this tool, your head will be safely awake on the water without making your hair wet or using a complicated headscarf. So you no longer need to worry about stiff hair and sore eyes due to chlorine or chlorine that is used in the pool to purify and kill germs.

You need to know that when doing this exercise your weight will be just 10% of your body weight while it is being landed. You can do this activity with free breathing and the same benefits without impact.

3. Build Body Condition

When you are doing this exercise, in addition to training your cardiovascular system, this activity also targets your core muscles that work to keep the body afloat. Namely quadriceps muscle, hamstring, shoulders, and your back will get tremendous exercise.

4. Ease of Adaptation

For those of you who have never done this sport, when you first do it you’ll get used to it in just a few minutes. As easy as adapting to walking or running premises has only one difference: being in water offering unique benefits.

5. Resilience Training

Sports poo running offers something that most of you do not get when doing the exercises on land, which is like building endurance. Movements are made in the water will create resistance that has a positive impact on cardiovascular fitness in addition to muscle training. The amount of resistance that is made depends on your speed when moving in the water. By the time you’re used to it, you can increase your running speed in water and get the added benefit of water-resistant resistance.

6. Provide massage effect

Any movement done during a pool running exercise will provide a mini massage function on the muscles and joints. So many people who do rehabilitation from injury will be advised by doctors to try water exercises. Benefits derived from a water-based massage, which increases circulation and lowers high blood pressure. When you are in the water, the stress and tension you feel will decrease.

7. Improve Run Performance

All pool running movements will focus on effective posture and range of motion in the body. Such as movement of long legs, upright postures and correct arm movements. Focusing on how to exercise pool running will be a great base to improve your running performance.