7. Wendit Water Park

No name Wendit Park, one Places in Malang previously known as the place to equate such as there are a lot of monkeys. Originally named the park bathhouse, but changed into a park Wendit only. It is located in an area Pakis, Tumpang, with artificial swimming pool and a natural lake. You just select which one. In a natural lake which is about 2 meters depth there is confidence if the bath there will be youth and longevity. But that confidence in public anyway. You may believe it or not at all, paket wisata malang clear sights that have meaning it is always interesting. There is also an artificial lake that serves to play water bicycle or boat, usually used one family or group of friends who want to relax while paddling along further adds romance and intimacy when you’re feeling Tourism Malang, namely Wendit Park.

Wendit Water Park malang

8. Coban Pelangi

Then Places in Malang known as Coban Pelangi. His name is very interesting, because you definitely begin to imagine the rainbow there are always there. But to see the rainbow is a matter of luck, because the rainbow will be seen in the flow of the waterfall with a height of 30 meters. Definitely a rainbow appears, you wait while enjoying the food stalls around or perhaps while enjoying the waterfall at the edge, or it could be lounging in the marquee. The air in Coban Pelangi is very cool because it reaches a height of 1,299 meters above sea level. The trip to Coban Pelangi arguably fun at all because through the pine forest, and crossed the river. So that although much is not a problem to enjoy Places is because along the way you will see many beautiful sights.

9. Batu Secret Zoo and Wildlife Museum

Batu Secret Zoo and Wildlife Museum is a Tourist Attractions in Malang is located in Jalan Oro-oro Ombo, stone. There is a natural attraction Museum of Wildlife and Batu Secret Zoo. In the museum there are animals wildlife preserves and routed according to the habitat, and it was all full of the entire continent there. The animals all died naturally, so it is not turned off forcibly. There is also a replica of the biggest there is a dinosaur is a favorite among travelers. The types of insects preserved also not left behind for display of various kinds are all there.

In Batu Secret Zoo, the animals displayed surviving all because the concept is a zoo that formed modern. Places where there is a pool has Hippos, there is also a Tiger Land, and the artificial river that you can enjoy using the boat. Nearest hotels that you can live there is the Hotel Tree Inn, the concept of the building is interesting and unique because it is shaped like a tree trunk surrounded by mountains. Well, the cost to go to Batu Secret Zoo and Wildlife Museum is that in the current day Monday-Friday for 60,000 rupiah, and for the weekend Friday-Sunday at Rp 75,000, a price that you can already much as you enjoy all the rides Travel on this one, namely Batu Secret Zoo and Museum of Transportation are available there.