A pet store (pet shop) put up a billboard that appeal to children: “For Sale puppy.” Soon the boy came into the store and asked, “How many puppies you sell it?”25

The store owner replied, “Anywhere from 30-50 dollars.”

The little boy reached into his pocket and pulled out some change, “Wah. I have only 23.5 dollars. Hmmm, can I see the puppies being sold? ”

The store owner smiled. He then whistled for his dogs. Soon, from the room in the store, came the five puppies. They run around along the store aisles. However, there was one puppy lagging behind.

The boy pointed to the rearmost puppy and seemed flawed. He asked, “What’s wrong with that puppy?” The store owner explained that when the puppy was born have abnormalities in the hip, and will be disabled for a lifetime.

The little boy got really excited and said, “I bought the puppy that.”

The store owner immediately replied, “No, do not buy the puppy it! But if you want him, I’ll give him to you. ”

The boy was so disappointed. He stared at the store owner and said, “I do not want you give the puppy was free to me. Although flawed, the puppy still has the same price as the other puppies. I’ll pay the full price of the puppy. At the moment I have only 23.5 dollars. But every day will be 0.5 dollars in installments until paid off. ”

But the seller was still refused. He said, “Son, you do not buy this puppy. He could not run fast. He also can not jump and play as well as other puppies. ”

The boy was silent. Then he took off his trousers pulled at the end. From behind the pants legs appeared flawed. He stared at the store owner and said, “Sir, I could not run fast. I was not able to jump around and play as other boys. Therefore I know that puppies need someone who would understand her suffering. ”
The man was now biting his lip. Tears of emotion dripping dar corner of his eye. He smiled and said, “I will pray every day that these puppies have the employer as well as you, son.”

REFLECTION: … The value of life lies not in the glory of the status or the advantages we have, but on what we do is based on conscience can understand and accept the shortcomings.

Physical beauty is not a guarantee of inner beauty. Agreed right?