1) Remember to book your holiday through a tour operator who can be trusted and well established.

This will ensure that your riding holiday to flow as smoothly as possible, as you know that your holiday choice has been tried and tested by experts. Although it can be tempting to save money by booking on line, tour operator offering financial security, so if the hotel or enclosure you have chosen to go bust, you will not lose all your hard earned money!

2) Check that the cage in which you will have a qualified, professional staff.

There is nothing worse than going for riding lessons or expeditions with an instructor or guide that does not qualify it correctly, and in other words just do not know their stuff. Not only is it dangerous to entrust your well-being for people who have little experience, also will detract from your holiday experience.

3) Choose a holiday that suits your standards rise.

This is a very important one, because despite the fact that it can be embarrassing and difficult to swallow your pride and admit that maybe you are not good enough in the riding as you think you are, is important when planning a successful trip. No one will judge you as a person on how well you ride, you are on holiday karimunjawa tour to enjoy themselves, not to prove yourself as a rider. Just book rides and lessons that you feel confident to take part in, and if it seems like it might be a little too intense, chances are it will be, and the better you are risking your safety and enjoyment.

4) Make sure that you choose a time of year that you go on vacation very carefully.

The fantastic thing about riding holiday is that they are not bound by the season as is common with other types of holiday, so there is no pressure to pay ridiculous prices for flights and accommodation during the summer months the peak. A hot, sweaty ride is not always fun, so remember to take into account the fact that spring is a cool hack is probably much more interesting than bake it yourself and your horse, just because of the summer holidays!

5) Make sure to pack the right equipment and clothing

Panic, panic experience that last minute packing, it can be very easy to forget the bare essentials, and although you would never think to go for a ride without a hat, shoes or gloves at home, might slip you mind overseas. Just remember to bring a pair of matching shoes with solid heels, riding cap is properly installed, comfortable pants and some light gloves and you’ll be ready for anything!

6) Make sure that you find a suitable holiday insurance for your horse riding holiday

It may seem obvious now, but when you are actually in the process of organizing the finer details of your holiday such as insurance, it is easy to become distracted by a variety of bargains and savings, you overlook the most obvious cause of things. Check carefully that the insurance you choose covers accidents and accidents when riding a horse, as if the worst happens and you become injured in any way then the last thing you want is for your insurer fails you and are faced with huge medical bills as well as the vacation is ruined!

7) Be aware of your personal fitness

Another guideline that this is a little embarrassing, like horseback riding may not seem like the most strenuous of activities, but if you’re not up to it physically, it can be daunting and exhausting task. You should be honest with yourself, and if you feel that you are not in the best shape, so do not cancel the holiday, just a little practice, until you feel confident in both your riding ability and fitness.

8) If you are not traveling alone, choose a holiday that suits your family as well as your settings.

Although it can be fun to get away from your life at home and have some rest in relative solitude (at least as far as your family worry about!) If you choose to go as a group, then make sure that all those holiday clothes. It is very easy to find a beginner riding course for those who lack confidence in your riding ability and if the ride does not match any of the people you love, then a lot riding holiday offers alternative activities.