Yes, the natural oils that can be easily found around us turned out to be more reliable than drugs with frills sweet words of advertising. In fact, this natural oil not only can get rid of acne scars forever, but also sufficient nutrients needed by the skin. Curious any oil that you can use to treat acne?

Argan oil via

1. Roses are not only able to serve as decoration. Oil contained in it can be used to eradicate acne scars.

Typically, rose only used as garnish, then dumped also wither. In fact, oil from roses can be used as well as possible to treat acne scars you know!

Rose water itself is anti-inflammatory that can reduce the inflammation of acne. In addition, rose water can also be a natural toner to cleanse the face of pollution, dust, and dirt that cause acne. To use it is quite easy, you only live use rose water to wash the face. Do it regularly so that no new pimples and acne scars will form could soon disappear forever.


2. Argan oil is the key to beauty for women middle east. Moreover, it is a powerful way to combat acne scars on the face.

Argan oil is a beauty secret for the girls in the middle east. The oil rich in vitamin E higher than olive oil nourish the skin so that it is able to keep him healthy. If the skin in a healthy condition, acne scars will not dare to perch.

In addition, argan oil also contains omega 3, 6, and 9. According penilitian, omega 6 and 9 can reduce excess sebum production in the face. Argan oil is also used to moisturize the skin. Thus, I have more stories of dead skin buildup that clog pores and cause acne. This oil is also suitable for all skin conditions. Apply on the face every night’s sleep is guaranteed will be completed acne scars removed.


3. Oil gamat derived from sea cucumbers can not be underestimated. All minerals and vitamins that are good for skin health can be found in it.

Gamat oil produced from sea cucumber extract and is a pure collagen. Collagen itself serves to accelerate wound healing and also enhances the immune system, so that the skin will not be susceptible to acne. In fact, this gamat oil contains all the minerals, all the vitamins (except vitamin K), as well as amino acids.

Mineral certainly very good to keep moisture and skin health. Besides vitamins A and C in it are antioxidants and serve to heal wounds quickly. No wonder the natural oils extracted from marine animals this one will be very effective for acne scars finish. Want to try?


4. Almond oil contains vitamins A and B. In addition to anti-irritant, this oil also prevents premature aging.

Almond oil has a myriad of benefits both for beauty and skin health. Not only serves only get rid of acne scars, this oil can also inhibit the symptoms of aging on the skin. The content of vitamin A and B were able to tighten the skin and preventing wrinkles.

In addition, this miraculous oil has properties that prevent inflammation and irritation. In fact, almond oil can also get rid of dead skin cells. However, before healing acne scars with almond oil, you can try to rub it a bit first to the skin. If the irritation does not arise then the oil is safe for your skin.


5. Eucalyptus oil not only can relieve flatulence. You can mix it with aloe vera gel as a weapon eradication of acne.

Eucalyptus oil is better known to the benefits that can reduce bloating, colds, and overcome the itching due to insect bites. And, in fact, this oil is an anti-inflammatory that can eradicate acne scars are still left in the face.

You can mix aloe gel with 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil. Then apply on the skin that have acne scars. Lakoni periodically so acne scars can also disappear forever.