Want to find travel packages rafting unfortunate least expensive, yes only in Ongis Tour. Providing rafting packages ranging from 100 thousands to pack a lot of people group. Malang travel rafting packages will not disappoint.

Maximum service, numerous amenities and use the best equipment of international standard. Your safety and comfort of customers Ongis Tour is a priority number one. These travel packages are willing to pick you up from the airport, stations and where you spend the night.

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Rafting tour packages available

Before you choose the types of travel packages rafting poor you, first you have to check the availability of the types of travel packages rafting. It is important to know that your holiday a fun-structured and well-planned. Good planning will produce results that perfect satisfaction for your holiday period.

The types of packages which provide Ongis rafting tour is from 100 thousands to 250 thousands per person per person. This package type depends on the number of troops you bring, alias depending on the number of people in your group. The more the number of people in your travel group the more it will cost the price you get.

Facilities rafting packages

With umpteen price you paid, you will get some of the facilities are: transportation and consumption. Transportation, for example, depending on the number of tour groups Malang rafting your order. Transportation is provided from the big bus, bus, Hiace, long elf, elf short, Avanza, xenia, Inova. For consumption according to price your order package.

Minimal package your order is 4 – 6 people. For amounts above 6 people expected a multiple of 4 or 6. For large amounts then you will be divided into several groups according to multiples of 4 or 6 people. Facility for its standard rafting rafting equipment of international standard, Guide & Rescue Team , Refreshment (snack) and 1x Spot , Local Transportation, Toilet.

additional facilities

In addition to the standard amenities provided, there are some additional facilities that can also be your consideration to choose Ongis Tour to accompany your rafting tour. The poor rafting tour packages not only provide rafting tock and mediocre. But also some additional facilities that you can enjoy together with rafting package you ordered.

But in order to enjoy this additional package, you also certainly will add a small additional cost. Additional costs would you pay not for rafting before. Additional amenities price usually ranges from 50 thousand to 100 thousand. So to enjoy the fun of a vacation with Ongis Tour you do not need to spend the contents of your bag.

Additional amenities you pay the price of 50 thousand to 100 thousand Guests: 3 Rope Course Games (Flying Fox, zigzag bridge and sloping), Paint Ball (30 minutes) + fixtures + 20 bullets, bullet

Supplement (20 bullets) and Additional Meals , The surplus, flying fox for example that you should usually pay a few hundred thousand, but because you have already registered in Ongis Travel efficient package it does not need a lot of money to enjoy the additional facilities.

P Aket unfortunate rafting tour along Ongis Tour is the best tour packages and reliable. Tour Ongis safety, security and comfort in traveling. Ongis Tour Expert in Malang travel travel service that provides quality service and number 1. Have a professional team in the field of travel: drivers and experienced tour guide. The price we offer in accordance with facilities and services that you can.