Good afternoon gan, on this occasion will give the admin and write a simple tips that might be useful for agan who like to download the downloaded files on the internet. for those of you who like to download, must be familiar with the name IDM. yups downloader application of the most popular today.

Well Did you ever experienced a moment will click download on IDM but such notification appears below.

Now such incidents because the remote host when the file will be downloaded in closed forcibly,¬†whatever the cause, certainly agan have experienced similar things right, admin obviously dong experienced these circumstances gan, just had this afternoon pas downloadable games, but the admin can manner below, you curious, let’s look below.

1. If a remote host notification, please click ok only.

2. Then click on the download link back earlier.

3. Then the file will be ready for download in IDM and does not appear notif remote host again.

4 Tips To Not Securing COC Account Hack

Clash of Clans is a favorite game at the moment and could be a mine of money considering coc account the selling price is quite expensive. it is also used by hackers to steal account Clash of Clans others.

maybe you’re one of those people who have been victims and want to find out how to secure your account, Clash of Clans from being hacked. This article shall also read that you have never felt coc account stolen by someone else,

a slogan saying “Prevention is better than cure” and this applies also to the COC game players because if it had been hacked will bother to pick it up. The following tips securing coc account that has summarize for you.
Tips Securing COC Account

Beware of Fake site

I often get complaints from my friends that the account coc they had lost and they do not know why it happened. I browse more after my friend turned out to be interested in Gems Free, Gold Guide, and Elixier Internet offered by a web.
Tips Securing COC Account

My friend volunteered to enter other account ID and data to the website and a few hours my friend’s account was missing bath swallowed by the earth. The website has been ascertained is phishing and very dangerous.

All you have to know all the Gems Internet sites on the Internet is 99% fake. even if their original may not share the tricks to get free gems too easily and the official website of Clash of Clans is

Protect Email with 2-Step Verification

email google’s Gmail is actually one of the safest in the world because it supports 2-step verification feature. by performing 2-step verification even if your account has been taken you still have power because they exist in your email.

how to make 2-step verification is that you open a Google account via the PC then please visit this link accounts / answer / 185 839? hl = en , tujuanya is when your email is opened through the alien device then automatically google will request confirmation code sent via sMS. never distribute email and password you normally are consciously or unconsciously you’ve shared your password and email gmail in group or individual. could have been the person does not like and take your own mail. if the email has taken this harder and automatically of course coc account can open in the person.

Avoid Open 2 COC’s account on the same device in fact is also true for me because often plays multiple accounts on one device. based on the experience of my friends who have had many of their main account so stricken and can no longer be opened. so in order to avoid missing coc account should be enough to play one account one device only. Now I also just meminkan one single account for 1 account will suffice for fun, so tips to secure your account Clash of Clans from being lost or hacked, if you do all of the above, the account Clash of Clans I guarantee you will be safer and avoid the risk of unintended.