Make a lotus flower stacking of straw do almost the same as making a regular lotus flower there is little fundamental difference only, please be listened more below. Karton

Steps made of lotus flowers stacking of plastic straws
How to make lotus flowers from plastic straws
Here are the steps to make the lotus flower craft stacking of straw.

1. The first step is to cut 1 straws into 4 parts, and make 16 pieces of plastic straws. (See figure 1)

2. The second step is to cut 1 straws into 5 parts (4.7 centimeters), make 32 pieces of plastic straws. (See picture number 2)

3. The third step is the first cut straws into 6 sections, make 16 pieces of plastic straws. (See picture number 3)

4. The next step is to cut out the last straw with the same pattern by making the usual lotus flower. The difference is the way in preparing flower petals when the needles are inserted. pattern as follows: 3 2 1 2 3 2 1 2 3. (see figure No. 4), a sequence number was a number of pieces by the picture number one, two and three.

5. Then with a syringe as in the picture number 5.

6. Then move it to the wire, do the steps until the petals entrance to the wire. Then attach the petals and pistils and petals set according to the size of small medium to large.

Thus was some way to make crafts from straw. hopefully can add to our knowledge all in crafting interesting and unique.

Crafts of Buttons Shirt

Various examples of creations Crafts Clothes Buttons are easy to make buttons cute creations to decorate the walls, bracelets, brooches made of various types of buttons with different sizes depending mambu create a work that is quite unique and interesting. Who would have thought a round buttons made of plastic that has two holes there also has 4 holes that serve as a means of closing the shirt. Dikreasikan it can be a craft that can be said to have a sale value is quite high, because of its uniqueness and complexity.

The combination of the color and size of shirt buttons as well as diverse forms, was able to create an abstract shape and very attractive value if a regular art creation with a different shape. No wonder the Arts, Crafts of Buttons Shirt circulating various websites discussing the handicraft. For those of you who are looking for a reference in making a craft made of buttons, the following admin summarize a few:

Examples of Buttons Shirt Crafts

Prepare balloons, wood glue, brushes, colorful buttons and a holder for a balloon
Inflatable balloon the size of a bowl and place it on the holder, olekasn wood glue evenly using a brush-shaped half circle.
Paste buttons one by one, starting from the top of the balloon, with the color combinations berberda to form a bowl.
Once the glue is dry, open the balloon to collapse, and drying the bowl that has been set up, to dry evenly.