The most important thing about a vacation is to relax and relax, mentally and physically. However, as we have seen in many ‘vacations from’ the TV program of hell, this is not always the case! There are many things you can adopt to ensure that a vacation at home provides a good break with a sprinkling of fun. There are many things you can do to uproot and deflate from the usual escalator of life.

How to get all the benefits of a vacation without leaving home:

1) Call it a holiday – just because you’re at home it’s still vacation. Calling him ‘not working’ does not sound like pleasure.

2) Tell your coworkers and your boss that you are going on a vacation – you will be amazed at how people can be trusted when they believe you are going. The point is how you communicate your boundaries to show others how to treat you.

3) Do the written and verbal hand-over of any current project, even though it is not a normal requirement.

4) Determine what your vacation spends as if you are changing money at the airport – It gives you free consent from guilt to eat out, treat yourself to a massage, sunbathe, buy gypsy clothes while you are dressed. Will never wear after your vacation, keep kids busy with activities etc.

5) What do you want to get? – Pre holiday, invest 15mins specify what you most want to get from the gap. Is it fun or relaxing? Fitness or lazy day Decision detox? Reduce your stress level. How do you want your life to look, feel and be the result of a vacation wisata karimunjawa ?

6) Who wants to come too? – Invite friends to join you on your holiday week, just as you go. The same rule applies, make sure both of you want your holiday

7) Pot Luck anyone? – Invite your friends for dinner. Set theme as country and everyone should bring a random dish.

8) Delegates – au pair for this week, or go to grannies to give holiday of your holiday with your important time. If you are not full you can not keep giving.

9) It’s not my job – before your vacation write down all your responsibilities, put it in your suitcase or better post it to you at work so they can pick it up when you get back. Working from home? Send them to a fantasy address.

10) Open for adventure – Get out of your comfort zone, develop a holiday change ego and give it all away.