There are so many different options to choose when you have to book your holiday and it may be difficult to decide what to do, if you do the same thing as what you do each year or have a little change and do something different. One of the key factors in choosing your holiday karimunjawa travel is the type of accommodation, as many know this will make a big difference in your journey. Vacation rentals are becoming more popular with holiday makers.

With the current economic climate it seems most appropriate to discuss pricing issues first. One of the benefits of vacation rentals is the fact that it is usually much cheaper than staying at a hotel or buying a vacation package.

This is partly because you only pay for rental property and then you can accommodate your family members or your party according to the number of existing beds. This is different from the hotel as you usually have to pay per person or per room

Another reason why hotels are more expensive is the fact that the price you pay is necessary to cover so many expenses such as staff wages (waiters, receptionists, porters, management, catering, service staff etc.) plus a decent enough advantage to make it worthwhile. With the privately owned property available for vacation rentals, there is no staff salary to be closed unless the cleanser comes in before each rental, and of course if the owners live around them can do it on their own, making their costs less and less. .

The second benefit of the vacation rental we will come to is the idea of ??privacy. In a hotel you basically live in a number of spaces with so many foreigners, and you should consider these other guests all the time. Whatever you choose to do you will always be surrounded by others unless you live in your room, and even when you can make the waitress knock on your door.

With a vacation rental you are completely private with only the people you choose to vacation with. No need to queue for sun beds, food, drinks or reception staff when there are any questions or concerns. Also if you have a baby and a baby you do not have to worry about them disturbing other guests or otherwise; If you do not have children then you should not be bothered by other people’s children.

Choosing a vacation rental lets you enjoy all your usual holiday activities but at home away from home. You will have all the space you need so that you and your family do not stay together in a small place, there will usually be a garden / pool area, balcony and terrace, a lounge area with TV, dining room, several separate bedrooms, bathrooms, and Full kitchen. Having this kitchen allows you to choose your own cooking and eating, or go to a nearby restaurant, so your vacation can be more varied and save more money in the process.