dipantai clothing style tipsNothing better than plan a good vacation to beach to relax, clear our minds and best; share family. Do you have everything you need? You protect yourself from the Sun? Here are 10 essential items so that your day at the beach is perfect:

Hat: Orchid-Boutique-Beach-Hats-new
By taking the Sun must protect your head with a hat (preferably) to avoid dehydration and headaches. In addition, you avoid UV rays from damaging your hair. Hats in addition to being a beautiful accessory, get them in all colors, shapes and at incredible prices. Whether you go to the store or buy online, you can get millions of options in Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Target, Macy’s, H & M and many others. A good choice are the hats that are wound ideals for the suitcase. Roll-up-Striped-Women-Straw-Sun-Hat-Foldable-Beach-Sun-Visor-100pcs-lot-Free Summer fashion
You should always protect your eyes from the Sun‘s rays. When using sunglasses not only protect your view but the delicate skin around the eyes. Remember that it is very important to choose a lens with a framework conducive to the shape of your face. Here we teach you how to choose sunglasses according to your face shape.
It’s the first thing you pack! You will spend most of the time at the beach or pool, so you can bring those who want! Bikinis, monokinis, one-piece, tankinis… choose the right one for your body type. Brand options are unlimited, our favourites include Target Style, sea wave, Triangle and designs for the most small house, bathrooms Petit Limoi costumes are the best choice with spectacular designs!
Big bag:
It should be large enough so that everything that you will need goals. The straw never go out of style and are very suitable for the occasion. Wayuu bags also are an excellent choice and go perfect with the style of beach.
Short or skirt:
Ideal to go down to the pool area, walk on the beach, or even go out to eat. You can combine them with the top of your swimwear.
ESSENTIAL! The ozone layer is very damaged, therefore the Sun‘s rays are even more intense. To use high factor sunscreen protector (more than 50 FPS) prevented the skin cancer and premature aging of our skin. We recommend the guards of L’ Oréal offers good options to be protected during the summer.
The collection Advanced Suncare, for L’ Oréal Paris offers maximum protection in a variety of ways to ultraconvenientes. Made with a UV filter system patented fotoestable, powerful antioxidants and light luxury textures, the full range is designed for each tone of skin under the Sun. These wonderful products have multiple action antioxidants protect against free radicals and keep the skin looking youthful and healthy.
Apply a generous amount of the product 15 minutes before exposure to the Sun. It is recommended that you reapliques it you every two hours, and every 80 minutes after swimming, dry with towel or sweat.
Fresh blouses:
Cotton and linen are very fresh fabrics. We recommend to use light colors that reflect light and you will therefore spend less heat. You can choose designs with fringes, fringes are super trendy this season and also give much freshness.
Flat or platform Sandals:
Flip-flops, cholitas, flip flops or as like to call to your flat sandals. They are comfortable and many can get wet without problems. Platform sandals are perfect for use with the dress in the evenings, or simply to look stylish and glamorous.
You can use them in different ways, they don’t take much space in your bag and also dry pretty fast.
Feminine and chic! Use them with your platform for the night. Prints boho are very popular this season. If you have lots of curves, opt for solid colors or printed dresses that favor your figure: abstract prints, few colors or vertical stripes
Don’t forget to hydrate you and bring something to entertain you like music, books, magazines and enjoy this summer!