After the end-2013 “the recent round of” missiles fired into Israel by Hamas, the Jewish state immediately took that terrorist groups for the task of destroying missile launchers and get rid of the smuggling tunnels. The only problem is that in one or two weeks a truce negotiated by the terrorist organization and a new tunnel has been excavated and the smuggling of missile parts – reload continue. smuggling tunnel between the US and Mexico is also a major problem. Our authority is becoming more sophisticated all the time and billions of dollars of drugs are smuggled annually through this tunnel.

What have we done? We have used high-tech instruments, satellite imagery, and real-world intelligence, but unfortunately we did not get them all. However, we have done a decent job causes them to these smuggling changed dramatically since the congestion is due to smugglers. They even have used high-tech seismic studies to reveal the tunnel.

UPI has an interesting article on December 10, 2012 titled; “The seismic study aimed tunnel smugglers,” which states; “Attempts to use seismic waves to detect tunnels dug by smugglers of drugs, weapons or people proved difficult with mixed success. Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories in NM has almost completed a study two years with the aim to better understand the nature of the soil around the tunnel and why seismic data can reveal some of the tunnels but misses others. ”

In 2013 there was some research done in California earthquake also revealed the potential that also causes underground tunnels along the border, remember it is a zone that is very small, easy to concentrate as the tunnel must clear the trip under the jasa topografi border if it works for smugglers. I would like to propose another technology, recognition field. We must base this on what the probability of the terrain as it is now, what it should look like based on a mathematical fractal patterns of erosion. We then need to use strategy unmanned satellites and aircraft recognition DOD field use and combine the two.

This plus the area known previously tunnel could help us design a set of variables and probabilities and then hone in on the data in a particular area and looking for things that do not seem right, a little change. Best of all we can use mathematical and computational modeling to find them for us. As we get close the smuggling tunnels we left the supply chain from the bad guys, give us more intelligence and stop the flow of whatever is trying to get where it should not be here in the first place. Please consider all this and think on it.