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A group of ghosts and zombies back wandering came to an entertainment venue in Surabaya. Of a sudden the entertainment of the visitors stunned and frightened. But fear not, this ghost


A group of ghosts and zombies back wandering came to an entertainment venue in Surabaya. Of a sudden the entertainment of the visitors stunned and frightened. But fear not, this ghost is deliberately displayed to celebrate Halloween with BADUT.


The celebration is not only done turns out Hallowen community in America, but in the city of Surabaya Hallowen party also held celebrations by hosting a fashion showof costumes using ghosts and zombies. The event was held at a nightlife venues in the area Jemursari, Surabaya, Indonesia.


Waitresses and bartenders and security officers all costumed and decorate their faces with make-up that is creepy. Not just any sexy dancers were all using the costumes and make up ghosts and zombies. Instead of scare, the appearance of sexy dancer zombies instead of making visitors who also wore a Halloween costume gettingcurious and approached.


This Halloween Eve celebrations merrier when the whole zombie dance sexy. Withan inviting look they keep dancing and occasionally showing the look on the face ofthat creepy. Some of the visitors of the Club thus opting in to dance together.


In celebration of Hallowen this time organizers wanted to deliver a message to the young generation to avoid sex and drugs.


“This is our first event, plan events like this we will make an annual event. In total there are about 20-25 people that Bali in this event. Do not forget we also make a special menu of Halloween, “explained Ivonne, organizer.


Hallowen itself comes from Ireland and brought by immigrants to America, Hallowen pumpkin fruits with identical formed the face of this ghost is celebrated each October 31 each year.


Halloween, what first comes to mind when You hear the word Halloween? Yep! Everything that smells of horror haunted house, weeping, joked the laughter, screams, candy, food, and a group of costumed humans strange, short all the unseen …!
The Halloween party is a tradition of the countries in Europe and America. But, in 2014 for the first time visitors may watch the performance of Surabaya Pullman party “ghost” the usual is celebrated every October 31.
As one of the biggest feasts, especially in parts of the Western world, so often celebrated with Halloween. But this unconventional! handsome guy said Tatok HariyantoPR & COMMUNICATIONS Manager PULLMAN & AREA ACCOR, EAST JAVA held a Halloween party one day after Halloween warning at Saturday 1 November 2014 Saturday night in Pullman Hotel Surabaya City Centre out of the door, with the concept of the Café.
HALLOWEEN FEVER AT PULLMAN SURABAYA CITY CENTRE was the theme taken on that night. 19.00 event at the start to finish around 11 pm. Many also shared with door prize product of the guest of sponsors and community club motor model surabaya as several series of events for our guests. In the United States, Halloween is the second largest and most important celebrations throughout the year. So dontwonder if there are any largest Halloween celebration in this country, in the center of Hollywood entertainment.
Halloween party named Halloween Horror Nights was held at Universal Studios Hollywood every year. The tradition to change commonly used Universal Studios filming this movie into various rides and nuanced horror, was first held in 1986. But, since 1991, Halloween Horror Nights are also held at Universal Studios Orlando. It was so cool, the party is to be considered the best Halloween-themed recreational park according to
Halloween Horror Nights not only held on the night of 31 October only. The sequence of these events can be enjoyed on 2.3, 9, 11, 15-18, 23-25, 28-31 October. Each year Halloweeen Horror Nights also took a different theme. This theme is taken of course horror films from Hollywood. For example, for 2009, the icon is the characterJigsaw in the film Saw. While the three other icons is the character of Michael Myers in the Halloween movies, the character of Harry Warden in the movie My Bloody Valentine and the doll Chucky from the child’s Play movies.