Benefits of bananas – In addition to the sweet taste and delicious bananas are a source of instant energy is perfect for those who need energy in activities, such as sportsmen and hardworking, in addition banana was also very much beneficial for health because it contains many nutrients as well, including food easily digestible and certainly very liked by anyone.18

There are various types of bananas, but in general all kinds of bananas are good for consumption for example banana, plantain, banana mas so get used to eat bananas every day.

Bananas for health benefits
Benefits of bananas is extraordinary, here’s some of the content of bananas:
Carbohydrates, as a source of energy
Calcium, launched the nervous system, muscles and brain function, and help the maintenance of teeth and bones.
Potassium, very important role in heart health, blood pressure, maintain water balance in the body and helps deliver oxygen to the brain.
Vitamins: C, B6, A, D, K, folate, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, etc.
Minerals: iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium and fluoride.
The calorie content in bananas:
For every 100 grams of banana contains about 90 calories, and is particularly suitable to help program your diet because the fat content in bananas is small enough so that both also consumed when running the diet, but for those who want to be fat banana is also very good to eat, by eating 3-5 bananas per day and assisted with milk or yoghurt.

Some of the benefits of bananas for health:
As a source of energy, by consuming a banana will provide power when malakukan daily activities.
Source of vitamins and fiber, carbohydrate content in bananas twice the content in apples as well as five times the vitamin A compared with apples, also contains potassium, vitamin B6, C etc.
BAB help overcome the problem, with regular eating bananas, it can help smooth bowel movements.
Oxygen to the brain to be smooth, bananas are rich in potassium which serves meperlancar circulation of oxygen to the brain.
Prevent disturbance in the blood vessels in the head, by eating a lot of bananas, it can prevent the offending blood vessels in the head such as stroke or high blood pressure.
Prevent heartburn, bananas contain substances that can counteract the acid in the stomach making it suitable for heartburn.
Cope with menstrual pain, problems such as abdominal pain or cramps during menstruation for women can be reduced by eating a banana.
Create a better mood, eating bananas so that it can improve the mood mood becomes better and stable.
Assist in the diet
Maintain eye health because they contain vitamin A
Maintain kidney health.
Maintaining the health of the skin becomes more healthy and fresh.
Maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
The benefits of banana peel:
Banana peels proved very useful also for health, especially for gannguan problems in the skin, use a banana peel and rub the inside or rub gently gets problematic skin regularly, some skin problems such as:
Itching and irritation
Beautify the skin
Itching due to mosquito bites