Back pain is pain or stiffness that can be felt along the spine, from the base of the neck to the tail bone. Symptoms can include pain that comes and goes, and tends to worsen at night time. Back pain can be triggered by ideal posture when sitting, standing, or bending. This condition can also be caused by the effect of lifting objects that are too heavy.

Back pain is usually not caused by a serious matter and can be handled only by continuing to actively move and taking painkillers. But in some cases, can be very excruciating and cause pain that is unbearable to hamper everyday activities.

Having Backache Businesswoman At Work

Back Pain Sufferers in Indonesia

Especially for the elderly group (elderly), back pain is a very common condition that occurs as the effects of aging. Research Community Oriented Programme for the Control of Rheumatic Disease (COPORD) in Indonesia found that the prevalence of back pain was 13.6 percent in women and 18.2 percent men. The incidence of back pain from a variety of symptoms based on patient visits to hospitals in Indonesia is between 3-17 percent.

While data from the National Safety Council indicates that of a total of 1,700,000 sick due to work, about 22 percent of which is back pain.

Recognize Different Types of Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common. A study showed that many cases of lower back pain in women and those aged 40-80 years.

However, another back pain can also be felt on the whole spine, from neck to pelvis. Here are some types of back pain based on the cause and location of the pain:

Frozen shoulder, ie the emergence of pain and stiffness in the neck.
Sciatica, which is pain due to irritation and pressure on the sciatic nerve that causes numbness or tingling that radiates from the lower back to the feet past the buttocks.
Whiplash, which is an injury to the neck because of collisions that occur suddenly.
Ankylosing spondylitis, which is a chronic inflammation that affects the spine, precisely in the meeting area between the spine and pelvis.
Slipped disc, when the disc is damaged spine joints and finally hit a nerve that is nearby
Back pain that does not have a specific cause or unknown. Some medical conditions is thought to contribute to trigger back pain, which is arthritis.


needed to determine the cause

and determine how treatment is needed.

How to Deal With Back Pain

There are various ways in which it may be done so that the pain becomes prolonged, namely:

Staying active

Previously, the break is considered as the treatment may relieve back pain. However, it is believed that the body is not actively engaged in the long run it is bad for the back. Doing light exercise routine can be the perfect solution.


If your pain does not subside and feels unbearable, you can consume drugs painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Positive thinking

Relaxation can reduce muscle tension, helping to reduce the pain suffered. Patients who always think positive also proved faster recovery dibandingka patients were always worried about her illness.

manual therapy

Hot or cold compresses can help to relieve pain. Other forms of treatment can be carried out also by doing therapy in clinics or hospitals, among others physiotherapy.

Treatment of chronic back pain that may include a combination of painkillers and one of the manual therapy, acupuncture, and attended classes physical exercise.

Very few cases involving spinal surgery. This operation will only be undertaken if all of the above does not work.

Beware This Back Pain Symptoms

Without a visit to the doctor, back pain will usually get better by itself within 4-6 weeks. But if the pain does not go away and became unbearable, your doctor can be consulted.

There are various other symptoms that sometimes accompany back pain such as fever, weight plummeted, pain radiating down the knee and swelling at the back which can be signs of more serious illness. Immediately contact your doctor if the pain is accompanied by symptoms that have been mentioned.

In order Avoid Back Pain

Posture and exercise greatly affect the health of your spine. Try to avoid the backs of undue pressure to avoid back injuries. Some sports are done in