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Efficacy of breadfruit in fact there are many. Breadfruit are plants that live in the South Pacific region and in each year can produce up to 150 pieces of fruit. Even in a season breadfruit tree can produce about 200 pieces. This tree actually comes from Polynesia and now has spread to Malaysia, Sri rare and in some other pacific islands one of Indonesia. Breadfruit belong to the genus Artocarpus and the family Moaccea like jackfruit and jackfruit trees.

Know Breadfruit

Breadfruit trees generally have a large trunk and straight, can reach a height of 30 meters. But in rural areas height usually only reach dozens meters. Now with the propagation of clones produced a low-branched trees and short, big rods measuring 8 meters, and the roots of the lower board lengthwise.

These large-leaved plants decker criss – cross with leaf width of 20-40 x 20-60 cm, pinnate leaves bone shape, shiny dark green on the top, as well as rough and downy at the bottom. Titled tenuous, there are buds that are covered with large conical Stipule. This plant has a horizontal branches and in all parts of the tree can gave off a white sap when scratched or injured.

Breadfruit is a fruit that does not have seeds and in some tropical areas of the islands, especially in Southeast Asia, including essential food ingredients as a source of carbohydrate. Breadfruit can be processed whole or cut – cut and fried, baked, roasted or boiled. Breadfruit which we have earlier though small can sliced and then we drain into the furnace or in direct sunlight, so durable and long lasting.

Pacific island region when the excess harvest breadfruit will be fermented by means of a few weeks left in the holes in the ground, so that the resulting like pasta similar to cheese nutritious, durable, long lasting and can be processed into a kind of cake baked snacks. Breadfruit can also be used with thin-sliced chips – thin and then fried.
Nutrient Breadfruit

The nutritional value of this fruit, including quite high. Here’s a collection of nutrients and compounds contained in breadfruit.

vitamin A
vitamin E
Vitamin C
vitamin K
ß-carotene –

Efficacy Breadfruit
The amount of the nutrient content make breadfruit storing various benefits or health benefits and also help overcome some kind of disease. This is the breadfruit for health benefits.
1. Rich in fiber

For most people with diabetes breadfruit can be made use because the fiber content can reduce the absorption of sugar by the body. According to the research shows that if we consume regularly breadfruit can reduce the risk of diabetes and blood sugar levels can be controlled.
2. Satiety longer

Breadfruit is often used as a food substitute for rice when a person’s diet because the fruit without increasing calorie intake can provide long-lasting satiety. So that a person feels active and energetic while taking it.
3. Sources of omega 6 and omega 3

According to the experts that eating breadfruit can help children who are growing in the development and help the growth of their big brains because omega-3 fatty acid content in the breadfruit. Plus the pair of these essential fatty acids are also good for heart health.
4. Drug constipation

High fiber content on breadfruit can play a role in the smooth bowel movement with her eating routine manner. It also can remove toxins from the intestines.
5. Food Diet

For people who suffer from obesity, breadfruit is the right choice. Have a high amount of fiber and fewer calories is ideal to be included in the list of your diet.