Malang. One of the districts in East Java have always attracted attention and was always able to invite many tourists from outside the region to come. Semeru, Bromo, Dempu Island, Balekambang Beach, Museum of Transportation, Wildlife Apples, Park Town Square and Park Square monument is paket wisata malang 2 hari 1 malam a mainstay wiasta destinations in Malang. Well, for you are again in Malang or there are plans going out went to Malang, following 40 tourist destinations in Malang hits that should really you visit.

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1. Bay of Angels

Angel is in the Gulf Coast region Mbehi. Precisely at Dsa. Sumberbening, district. Bantur, Malang. To get to the location, you must first tracking about 30 minutes from the beach Mbehi. The place is absolutely gorgeous and ngangenin really. ( Bay of Angels: Spot cross-eyed nun Hits in Malang for Final Week )

2. Baths Kalireco

Terlatak in Dsa. Sources Sane, district. Lawang, Kab. Poor. This place is actually a bath is commonly used by local residents. But over time, the place is so crowded because many people upload their pictures medos.

3. Sumber This is the thing

Located in Dsa. Pajaran, district. Poncokusumo, Kab. Poor. Jenon source is natural bath with views of the surrounding is so green, beautiful nan refreshing. For you who want to refresh themselves, could come here.

4. Thou shalt

Located in Dsa. Putukrejo Village. Ponta, Reg. Malang. Just like Jenon Source, Sources Say is also a natural bath with views about the so beautiful and mesmerizing. Here is perfect for you who want to add a collection of photos underwater.

5. Sources Maron

Sources Maron is located in Dsa. Karangsuko Village. The show, Reg. Malang, East Java. When holidays arrive, one of the hits in Malaga will be visited by tourists. The place was cool and refreshing.

6. Hawaii Weterpark

Hawaiian Waterpark is located in Jln. Graha Kencana Raya, Dsa. Banjararum Village. Sorry, Reg. Malang. Those who want to play in the water and call-call on a holiday, Hawaii Waterpark could be an option.

7. Wonosari Tea Plantantion

Wonosari Tea Plantantion located in Dsa. Toyomarto, district. Singosari, Kab. Malang, East Java. Here you can see the expanse of tea gardens are so green. The air was cool, refreshing nan. Being here can make your heart calm and peaceful