English premier league is now not only in naungi star players, coaches Save now also compete in the Premier League tactics. The special one with the arrival of Jose Mourinho in the stronghold of Manchester United and the Successor Pep Guardiola will now meet in this weekend’s Manchester derby.

Previously they have been frequently used to meet at La league Spain in the El Clasico derby. But now a different atmosphere, the atmosphere of competition and tighter they will meet for the first time in the English Premier League. How do the opportunities of each trainer at his new club. Following reviews and statistics of each team.

1. Statistics Meeting

When viewed from the United Mancherter attendance statistics are superior to win 71 times, while Manchester City won 49 times and 51 meeting ended in a draw. While looking at the last 10 meetings at various events Manchester United are still the underdog with only two results of defeat, won 7 victories and the rest ended in a draw.

2. Head to head the cast

When viewed from the composition of the players are now Manchester City did not make many changes to the line of attack that is filled by striker Sergio Aguero and assisted Raheem Sterling then midfield supported Yaya Toure, David Silva and Jesus Navas make their games fairly coherent, later fortified by the players last season made them survive the current compact with their flagship goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Meanwhile, in the Manchester United with a number of players who are new to make the chemistry between the players less, because the movement of the transfer market in recent seasons is Manchester very active with the arrival of Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, and others will make the players is difficult to adapt to one another. Because compactness pentin team over the more favored blue Manchester

3.Statistik coaches meeting

Not only strictly meeting Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola sometimes lasts hot and brutal, with a different atmosphere they will meet in the Manchester Derby, let’s look back a bit of rivalry the two of them in La Liga. From the record of the meeting both coaches in Pep superior by taking 8 wins, 5 draws and only 3 defeats make Troop Pep Guardiola is more favored than Jose Mourinho

4.Klasemen while

If the terms of the standings Manchester City and Manchester United have an equal points only distinguishing Manchester City at the top of the standings Premier League while Manchester United is in third position under chelsea. It will make its own motivation for Manchester City to stay top of the standings.

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