10 Modern Bathrooms That Will Inspire You To Restructure Your First!

From trendy items to convenience technology the modern bathroom is told in the next 10 environments, ready to inspire us in view of potential restructuring and designs. Colors, shapes and finishes will therefore lend themselves to contemporary interpretations eclectic and striking.

Wood and minimalism

In the modern bathroom, we often find the combination most popular in interior today that focuses on wood and white. Teak, can then rediscover alternative functional and stylish for the environment dedicated to body care.

pattern Mediterranean

A win in the modern bathrooms are also the Mediterranean pattern, of coatings and finishes can also decorate the environment in combination with minimal furniture.

A whole mosaic

The mosaic will be on stage and does so by showing off iridescent and bright colors, vivid, and that certainly does not go unnoticed. The coatings of glittering glam becomes an interesting interpretive key to a new modern bathroom.

Bathroom or living

The 2016-17 trends I want to like the living the modern bathroom is getting closer to layout and choice of furniture to a real living room. Here’s one with a freestanding tub that can inspire the most advanced minds.

Colors and playfulness

Not only white and neutral, the modern bathroom welcomes you with open arms even more vivid colors and pop. To make playful atmosphere we think here forms the 50 declined with trendy colors and optical tiles.

natural materials

Whether it’s natural maturali, synthetic or ceramic wood and stone likeness, the important thing is to introduce an element tied to the land. This modern bathroom there provides proof.

Frames retractable shower

Eye to the shower bath the frame becomes more and more minimal, almost disappeared, and in addition, the freestanding bathtub is a real structural element.

Optimize space

The optimization of space is one of the key design factors of the perfect modern bathroom. Here, the movable wall near the floor with sink and mirror then coincides with the wall of the shower. A useful way to save and striking meters and innovate the environment.

The design sink

In the modern bathroom can not miss modern sanitary and bathroom furniture altogether behind the times. Not only furniture suspended then, but also the cult for design elements. The washbasin therefore become a big trend indicator. Choose it as in this case, the particular form or colored matte effect.